TRAFFIC GmbH wholesale for Gravelbikes, Roadbikes, Cyclocross, Fixed Gear and BMX
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About us

Founded in 2008, TRAFFIC GmbH has become a succesful, medium-sized distribution, which is selling complete bikes, bicycle components and accessoires, as well as clothing and merchandise internationally. Besides distribution and field service, we communicate through various channels, such as catalogues, newsletters, B2B-portals and social media. Located in one of Colognes most thriving business areas, our young, professional and enthusiastic team  works in focused departments, such as distribution, marketing and logistics. TRAFFIC GmbH is led by the CEO’s Bahar Bayrak and Harry Schmid.

Beside their professional skills and deep knowledge of the bicycle business and it’s products, our staff brings in a treasure trove of experience which can not be achieved by education alone: First hand experience gained by countless miles as keen riders on the one hand, a great amount of intrinsic motivation on the other.

Having roots in BMX, we had a founding principle concerning the development of our bikes since day one: To make a product simpler whilst improving all aspects of its performance. Transferred to TRAFFIC GmbH, this means to realize a few basic principles including reliability, fair pricing and comprehensive service. Our own claim for excellence, performance and durability is also applied to the  manufacturers and brands we represent. In return, we communicate brand-identities efficiently and help to position your brand into our local markets.
When it comes to cooperations and business partnerships, we trust in strong relations and a sustainable approach to brand building.